El Barrio Gothic, Barcelona – 5 reasons to visit this district.

First reason has to be the intimacy and uniqueness of Hotel Neri a boutique style hotel with a first class service and atmosphere ……… it is located in one of the many narrow alleyways of the old gothic quarter not far from the Placa Sant Jaume. This enchanting accommodation was once a monastery that has been cleverly converted to a luxury hotel under the umbrella of Relais. The reception is tastefully lit offering a calm welcome after a hectic day sight seeing in the Barca metropolis. The rooms are upscale with prestigious toiletries and comfortable beds.

Hotel Neri’s entrance

Number Two reason is the fascinating alleyways of this old historic quarter with every corner offering another glimpse of times gone by and a photographers paradise if the sun is shining in the right direction.

                                        Number three reason is the haunting Placa Sant Felip Neri a tiny square near the Hotel Neri, a fountain in the centre and pit marks in the walls of the church. It was sometime after my visit I learned of the bomb dropped here killing several children during the Civil War. At night time you might hear a violinist playing plaintive tunes of times gone by. 

Number four are the bars on every corner, tiny and squashed down the alleys with tapas fresh and waiting. Opening in the afternoon waiting for locals, workers and tourists to wend their way to home or hotel via their warm and friendly hospitality.

And lastly the location, it’s slap bang in the centre meaning you can reach the port, Las Ramblas, the market and the Goudi buildings easily. Close to bus routes, shops and a myriad of bars and restaurants.

Can you think of five reasons not to go to Barcelona?

4 thoughts on “El Barrio Gothic, Barcelona – 5 reasons to visit this district.

  1. Very interesting Dawn, you have wondered far! It has my travel bug stirring again and the only way to cure it is to do it, like you say in 20 years we may regret not having ever gone to all those wonderful places that still exist …

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